Jun 14, 2017

Some information

Hello folks.  I received a card in the mail and loved it, decided to change somewhat and chart it, and am now stitching it.  Almost finished with Simply Red too.
Will probably share the chart with you or maybe finish in time for a birthday giveaway.

The boys have been pretty warm with the high temps.

Nitzy has been destroying our bunny population and I am so angry.  He was raised wild, nothing I can do to change that and keeping him inside is disastrous (IF he will even come in).
The information I wanted to relay ....
Have you ever heard of TRE?  It is a company based in CA with customer service in India that can stop you from returning items to your store.  NO warning of this anywhere from JCP that states clearly, all unused items can be returned with receipt within 45 days.  Not so.  Because of buying for my nephews, aunt, and sister (plus myself and husband and children's gifts) many items were returned.  I am the family shopper that everyone relies on and I do know how to get the bargains.  My card is used to make it less confusing.  Well it seems they go back SEVEN years and add up your returns, then give you a warning that you can no longer return items. So far this year I had 3 returns/exchanges in May and one in June, but prior years are counted. There is no 30 day leeway or 2 week notice.  The "warning" takes effect right then, no more returns.  So now, I am stuck with 5 pairs of sandals for the Type 1 diabetic with bad feet and two pair of shorts that do not fit properly.  This is costing me several hundred dollars.  NO WARNING.  NOTHING from JCP to let you know this is even possible.  JCP referred me back to India and I must file a written dispute form, they will forward to JCP, and a determination will be made if being a caregiver and assisting those that cannot visit the store is OK with them.  There are no motorized carts, no wheelchairs, no chairs to rest if needed, no carts for stability.  Good going JCP.  I used your store exclusively for mom, dad, aunts, uncle, sister, brother, nephews, and children.  Your "report" from TRE counts EXCHANGES as a return.  So anything changed for color or size is classed as a returned item.  Very unfair.  If I would have known, I would have kept the colors (I didn't know he had them already) and not used a simple exchange toward my allotment!  I understand a lot of fraud happens and this is mainly what TRE follows, but it is not always the case.  So now will I be reported to retailers as a fraud risk?   You need this service?  Fine, but the way it is handled and customers treated, is not acceptable. You have no idea how ticked off I am.  With Macy's and Sears gone, JCP is all I have here so I will need to go out of town. 
Adios JCP.
Am I the only one that gets a headache when livid?
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