Jun 11, 2017

Simply Primitive

on Simply Red from Homespun Elegance.  But of course, it's not red as it should be.  I love the size on 35 count, perfect for hanging, simple to stitch, and primitive.  Two colors were changed from my original choices.  The numeric and additional alphabet at the bottom will be one color.  Linen is Tin Roof. 
A few years ago, we waited a length of time for the best stone guy in our area to do our front steps.  As you can see today, we need someone to tear out and start over.  He doesn't do small jobs now, only large installations of patios and brick pavers, so we have no idea who to trust.  The company that shoots concrete beneath to raise walkways and landings, is uneasy about this being separate pieces so I am not wasting money there.  No one comes to the front door, but I think it should be fixed.
Jehovah Witnesses used to come to this door, but haven't been here for many years.  Before removing all the shrubs, we had two pyramid shaped evergreens, one on each side of the door.  Before I could answer the bell, I saw them leaving at a brisk pace.  Hmm.  A few days later when cutting the grass, I saw something different about the shape of those shrubs.  Further inspection showed snakes coiled around them both like Christmas tree garland.  That's the last time any religious group knocked on my door.
HOT today!  Mark is golfing.  I will play outside all day.
Have a good one!
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