Jun 17, 2017

Minnesota Loon

Hello people.  Summer is finally here after several days of very warm temps.  I've been doing a little stitching outdoors on the swings, hard to believe it's the middle of June already since the furnace was still running two weeks ago.
During one of my parents' visits to relatives in MN, mom went to a market place where an older gentleman was selling his wood works.  She fell in love with this whirligig loon, and it stood proudly in their back yard for so many years. 
The wings are held several inches away from the body, all wood, and I've never found another like it.  We finally repainted it, made a replacement wing for the broken one, and are surprised at how well this has held up for over thirty years.  The body rotates with the wind so you never know which way it will be facing.  Prominent against the green background between the two black swings, welcome back loon!  I've missed you.
As for stitching, the chart I made up has been changed five times, I think it is ready now.  Of course the chart wasn't changed until after I stitched that area.  Looked good on paper and I wanted it wide and low but my mojo was pooping out and I kept downsizing. 
For some reason, the 822 has been shredding like crazy.  Even when removing only one stitch, it would shred when pulled out.  Tried another skein and it is doing the same thing.  I'm using one strand on 35 count.  Still not pleased with the 1776 numbers but close enough. 

I'm following my big house method of fill by doing the first half of the cross horizontal, and then completing the cross vertical.  Really nice fill that way without seeing "rows" and the back is very neat and stable on a stretchy linen.  Turning the project upside down for every other row in order to use the sewing method in the right direction is a lot of flipping.  Hope to finish this soon, and it may be even smaller by then.
Hope your weekend is going well!
Thanks for visiting.
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