Jun 15, 2017

Jeanne B

Sorry, you are no-reply.  But I can tell you that the crow stand is available here
http://shop.pallensmith.com/garden/folk-art-crow-bird-feeder/.  I received a discount but can't remember why.   I think Pine Cone Gift Shop (Ohio) on Facebook also carries them.  I messaged them twice last fall for information on items and never received a reply, but give it a try.  I'm sure there are other shops that carry them also, maybe a garden center.
P Allen also has a pair of cast iron crows which I'm considering.  Left outside they would rust nicely or the black would be nice too.  Price is $38 for the pair, 10" x 6" each.  ???  Didn't I just declutter the deck area?
Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Edit - just saw the Country Sampler Girl's Club Nash release.  OMG.  But I don't do clubs because I prefer to choose my linens and colors and most are not samplers.  But isn't this wonderful?  I may have to join for the very first time in my close to 66 year life.
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