Jun 15, 2017

A little more info

Several emails regarding what I posted yesterday so I will offer more information on this situation.  TRE stands for The Retail Equation.  Many large retailers, home stores, electronics, use their service and it is a tiny % of people that are affected.  The main reason is because of return fraud which is costing them exorbitant amounts of money.  Understood.  But if I was given the opportunity to defend my actions, they would clearly see that none of my returns were without receipt, done within weeks of purchase, and many times there were ten items included in a purchase and only one item returned.  Purchases are not included in their activity lists.  JCP probably has a policy that you are only allowed so many returns within .... seven years?   Whenever my aunt requested new pants, and I knew she wore a 16 short but she insisted on 14 petite, I brought home several of each size in various brands.  I always told the clerks the situation and that there would be returns and they never warned of the possibility of this situation, mainly because no one has heard of it.  TRE tracks everyone's returns for participating merchants, and only affects about 1% of shoppers, but if you are in my position of years of buying for so many family members, it could happen to you.  The reason I am ticked, is how it is enforced.  Yes, I can dispute which will take a while and I will do so just for the sake of record.  I don't want there to be any doubt concerning fraud.  You don't need to be concerned about this happening to you unless, your returns add up to their limits.  Someone suggested to use check or cash, but when making a return with either of those choices, your driver license must be scanned.  TRE has your identity and those returns are also tracked, so that scan will show your status.  No getting around it.  I will give my nephew's son the pairs of shoes and have him exchange them for his size using HIS driver license. The specialty shoes ordered online aren't available in store but at least the others will be used. .
I've calmed down, make out a check to pay off my JCP card, and will close my account simply because I cannot take the chance in the future of this happening again.  I need to order clothes in tall, only online, and that's a crap shoot with today's sizing and quality that it won't need to be returned. 
My sister's epidural was extremely painful which her excellent doctor said was normal during the procedure.  Sciatica pain was excruciating while the medication was put in place and lasted about five minutes.  That was Monday.  Today is Thursday.  She is worse than before the epi and in tears.  We are hoping it will take effect soon and give her relief.
When I am upset, I declutter.  Seems to make things calmer with less distractions.  So I removed the wheelbarrow, several pots of flowers, birdhouses, dookies, and the clutter in this spot outside the kitchen window.  I like the simplicity of it now, and there is more impact with the focus on one large plant.
Hope you all have a terrific day.

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