Jan 16, 2017

Mojo working

Hey!  I thought I would have given up by now on motif-icating.  I did have problems with the basket so I simplified for my aptitude.  Just a few more and I need to decide on moving the peacock in place of the angel or stitching as is.  I had a noticeable error in the last photo.  The birdcage was missing its top.  I thought it looked odd.
  I'm still working on Santa's bell finish and simplified that too. 
All went well at the hospital today, except for the slight whiplash after the wheelchair turned into a catapult.  I had trouble with the new models at the Diagnostic Center, those were hand brakes.  The hospital's are like a lounge chair with side arms that raise and a long bar across the top that needs to be held tight.  If you let it go, boom.  Brakes.  Sudden stop.  Patients lunged forward.  We had a good laugh since this has happened so many times before, starting with the speed bumps in the parking lot.  As we checked into the Heart Center, we were greeted by a memorial plaque for our doctor that recently passed.  So sad.
I've been on a kick for the Cowboy Candy we made this year.  Jalapenos in a sweet heavy syrup, the hot/sweet is heaven!  And I don't care for hot peppers.  A baguette slice, a few candy, and a little slice of cheese, under the broiler real quick and I can't stop eating them.
As for the sticky chicken, it's hard to give a recipe.  Mom made this and called it sticky chicken because ... it is.  Sticky.  You can use whatever parts you prefer (I like dark).  In a plastic bag I put 1/2 cup flour, 3/4 tsp. paprika, 1 tsp. cinnamon, 1/8 tsp cloves (to taste if you like more).  Shake to blend and then add chicken pieces to coat, brown in canola oil, and transfer to baking dish.  Slice potatoes into quarters or eighths, par boil until starting to soften.  Drain and add to baking dish.  Sprinkle some paprika and cinnamon over, salt over all.  Add 1/4 to 1/2 stick of butter to browning skillet (depending on how much oil is left), add a little water, melt and blend scraping any bits.  Pour this over potatoes and chicken, cover loosely and bake at 350 for a half hour to 45 minutes.  That's it.  We like a little more cinnamon and a touch more cloves which can be added after baking if needed, or to the liquid before pouring over.
Weather has warmed somewhat and Mark will be golfing again.  I'll be going around the house making lists of projects.  Simplify.
Take care, be safe, stitch happy.

Jan 15, 2017

Heart progress

Good day to you.  Hope your weekend is peaceful.  I have the afternoon in a QUIET house, Mark is golfing.  If it's above 32, snow is off the course, they play.  For some reason, I still can't adjust to a schedule since having him home all the time.  The only time I can get my butt in gear and clean the house, organize, declutter, is when I am alone.  So that's the plan for this afternoon, and then make sticky chicken again.  He loves it, we just had it, but wants it again.  Very simple with a touch of paprika, clove and cinnamon.
So here's the heart progress.
I am still having issue with the very dark fabric so I opted for my comfortable linen and I believe it's 28 count.  This will be a little larger but that's OK.  Changing thread colors here and there to accommodate the linen, simplified some of the motifs to a solid color, and changed a few positions slightly. I raised the birds because I want the heart cleavage a little deeper, narrowed the center tree and the bird cage. I prefer long thin heart shapes and doubt these minor changes can achieve that, but even just a few stitches can make a difference. It will be a nice heart to frame with a mat, but I will sew it and hang it from the iron hook I installed on my interior doors.  Really happy with that idea, so easy to move things and the larger sewn finishes are the perfect size for doors. 
Tomorrow, taking Carole for her echocardiogram and I'm sure she will have other errands for me. 
Have a great week!
Thanks for visiting.

Jan 14, 2017

Names drawn

Hello people.  LOTS of entries!  But it worked out that the names drawn each had a different preference so everyone is receiving their choice.  That was lucky!
Names drawn were Bonnie Tucker, Cathleen Nelson, laceystitcher, and Cheryl Petrashek. 
Thanks everyone.   I may have more in the near future.
Have a great weekend.

Jan 12, 2017


That's what I have.  Mojoitis.  I am trying to start the heart, having decision issues, and that throws water on the few embers left. 
I started with the Charcoal Belfast and for some reason, I can't see well enough to be comfortable.  Using 3.0 mags and I am still hitting the wrong hole, searching, ending one thread off.  Over and over and over.  So I decided to move on to my standby unbleached stiff linen, which means thread color changes, again.  I get so frustrated with the time and effort involved to START a project, that it dampens my enthusiasm.  Happening now. 
So I went back to the Pinterest photo, threw it into Paint, and removed the diamond elements as I did with the black background.  Guess what?  I think it looks just fine.  The stark black accented every stitch but with a lighter background, I like it either way.  So do I follow the chart and change nothing?  It would be easier.  I can leave the diamonds for last and add or not.  This is the photo that made me want to stitch this design and I should have referred to it sooner.  I think it may be WDW Gunmetal linen, and I probably have it.
I create my own problems by making changes.  There are times when stitching should be just stitching.  Not rearranging, not overthinking, not planning something different.  Just stitch.  Pick up the freaking needle and go with it.  If you don't like it, move to something else, make a minor change, but don't let it get to the point of ruining the enjoyment.  My last several projects were changed without charting and they weren't easy. Right now, I need to pick up a simple chart and follow the recommended linen and threads.
It was high 60's today and Friday will be 30. We took Carole to the doc in torrential rains and winds, he was pleased with her progress, and impressed with the size of my cold sore.
Thanks for visiting.

Here's the deal

Check the prior post for more detail and then email me with your pack # choice, in order of preference if more than one. I will draw one name for each pack.  The price is still $15.  I don't like this fabric and you may not like it either except for a few pieces in your batch.  I have other pieces that are current, known count size and color, that I may sell for regular prices. But this is fabric you have not seen, not sure of count, maker, color, so I don't expect you to pay for what is basically, a grab bag, even though some pieces are quite large and neutral.  So please list your preference and email me if you are interested.  I will notify the name drawn by 6PM Saturday.  US only.
Pack #1
Pack #2
Pack #3
Pack #4

Jan 11, 2017

For one reason or another....

I do not like this linen.  The color, the texture, the sheen, the thick thread, the heavy fringe. 
ALL linen except where noted.  None are over 32 count, some are easy to recognize, others may be 30 or 32.  Can't say for sure so those are not noted.  A few may have a couple of stitches started, the 40" roll has work on the edge for a short distance so I measured from there, not the edge.  Don't know if there are fold lines, some were washed and dried after I dyed them, some were never opened.
Do you think $15 per pack shipping included is too much?  Not sure how to do this because I don't know how many are interested.  Should I list one at a time and draw a name or first come all at once?  I went over them twice and bagged them, weighed them, so I am 99% certain that all is correct.
 I will offer them Saturday and let you know how to purchase in a post before then, but thought you might like to see what's in each package first. 
So from the Meager Globes Awards, here are the nominees for Linen Leaving.

Pack #1

 28 count    R&R Dark Cappuccino 15 x 26
 28 count    Light green something 19 x 25
                   Something brown 11 x 19
27/28 count    Antique white 18 x 28
                   Something brown 12 x 16
                   Black - Jobelan?  Monaco?  ??  18 x 28
28 count     8 1/4" x 40 antique white

Pack #2

                  Something brown 11 x 18
                  Darker tan 17 x 25
                  Dark brown something 10 x 17
                  Tan 19 x 24
                  Tan 24 x 25

Pack #3
                  Something tan/brown 12 x 16
28 count     Something sagey green 11 x 13
28 count    Something brown 11 x 12
28 count    Antique white 10 x 10
28 count    Tea Dyed/Sandstone 18 x 28
                  Golden tan 18 x 26
                  Tan 13+ x 24
                  Something green 14 x 19
                  Something green 11 x 13  (DMC 503) These two green are one piece with a corner cut
                                                              so I'm listing sizes if the piece was cut into two.
                  Some odd sized pieces for ornaments not measured.

Pack #4

28 count    Tan 10 x 36
                  Clove/Persimmon 9 x 12
28             Antique white 18 x 28
28 count   Something brownish 11 x 16
                 Darker something brownish 12 x 19
                 Black Jobelan or something similar 17 x 18
                 Jobelan (may be Khaki) 17 x 24
                 Antique white 18 x 27
28 count   Something green 5 x 13

Thanks for visiting. 
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