May 20, 2017

Gold Star

I'm stitching the other ornament now but wanted to do something for Memorial Day next weekend.  It started out with the center, and since the miniature I'm working on has an alpha outline, decided to add it.  You can leave it off if you choose, stitch the blue center, or just the two stars on a very dark linen.  Full size is 51 w x 59 h, blue center is 33 w x 41 h.  Haven't stitched it yet, but the colors are simple.  One to print in color, and one in black and white.  Any problems or errors, please let me know, but you should be able to click on the photo and then right click to print.   Would love to see photos if any of you decide to stitch all or part.

As you know, Gold Star families are those that have lost a loved one in service to country.  Seems appropriate for Memorial Day.

May 18, 2017


And it isn't adding up.  I was attempting to work the new mini sampler's colors on to a piece of raw Belfast.  Looked bigger than it should for 32 count.  So I measured.  It's marked Belfast 32 but it is not because my work came to 15 stitches per inch or 30 count.  Does it matter?  If it didn't, we wouldn't have the option of 28, 30, and 32 counts offered.  On a small piece even a half inch makes a difference so yes, to me, it does.  I took a piece of Tin Roof in 32 count for testing, and it was worse that the Belfast.  It's 28 count.
Looking at the 30 count, I can see it is tighter than the 32, which is really 28, so the 30 is probably correct.  Follow me?  But both the Belfast and Tin Roof 32 count pieces are not.  I wanted to use 35 to keep it very small but I have no unbleached or darker neutrals, and do not want to start messing with the dye jars.  I'll do a more thorough search through the mess for 35s.
When you are slumping along and not feeling the needle love, all it takes is a little bump in a road to make you ride away.  But I will try to keep the pedal to the metal.

I was hoping to have something worked out last night because today I have to spray the weeds and grass around Carole's house before the landscapers come.  All that trigger work will most likely make the finger worse, but if I eat a Breyer's low carb fudge bar, I will have a stick to tape on for support.  A damn good means to an end don't 'ya think?
Have a good day folks.

May 17, 2017

That damn finger

Greetings folks.  Hope all is well with you and yours.
The condition I have on all my finger's first joints is called Heberden's Nodes.  I don't know the criterion for removal, but immobility and pain sound like good ones to me.
Not stitching, but thinking about more miniatures for the feather tree. 
As soon as I decide on colors...


May 16, 2017

Rebecca Hall finished

With a sueded cord attached.

We got all the shrubs for my sister's house today, Mark said get the big ones - she's 78!  Don't make her wait 10 years to see them.  Hopefully the landscaper will show up before they croak.

May 14, 2017

So now what?

Not only is my long slump still an issue, now my crooked finger won't bend.  Not one bit.  I never had much pain before, but now that the tooth is under control until extraction, my joint decided I am not deserving of a break from pain.  The back was horrible, then the tooth, now the finger, with a side of knee and ankle.   All of a sudden!  Now what?  Certainly can't stitch without using my right index finger.

I think there was another cat ruckus in the few hours I was gone today.  Benches were moved, water dish upset, didn't see any fur clumps.  So as soon as I could entice them inside with treats, I slammed the door behind them.  They cried at the door for a while until I tricked them into the garage.  Then they howled in there.  Old man Bud will still come in and sleep most of the day but Nitzy, forget it.  He cries until I put his food outside, will not come in.  No way can I get the flea meds on him let alone the worm pill down his throat.  I've wasted so many in food, bacon grease, chicken fat, but that tongue can lick a dish clean without touching the pill.  If I crush it, he leaves it all.
I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day. 
Thanks for the help with the 1820 piece finish.  Still undecided but I am leaning towards the red.  Four other pieces were sewn, some re-done from their original finish, and little Rebecca is really sweet.  I'll show you, as soon as I find her.  She is cavorting somewhere with Martha Hards and Anna Eliza Abe.  They get a new outfit and all of a sudden it's party time.

May 12, 2017

Heirloom Weavers

I purchased several placemats and small squares of various colors and patterns when I saw them on sale, for this purpose.  Backings, sewing pouch, small hearts.  And after much wasted time, remembered that I had a red and taupe piece ..... some where in the house.  Found it and it's perfect.  But now I don't know which side to use or what manner.  I don't want it hidden on the back, but really don't have it in me right now to create a pouch or anything else.  Maybe I should set it aside for a while.  I prefer the prominent red but also like the subdued taupe, a little more primitive feel.  So as usual, totally confused and will probably change my mind several times.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's Day to all.
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